Aylesbury Estate Brick Design Project


Construction firm Hill and the Notting Hill Genesis housing association commissioned Maria Gasparian to create brick artwork with local children that can be permanently integrated into the walls of their new homes, which are currently under construction at the Aylesbury Estate in Walworth, Southwark. The project aspired to create a link with the young community members and provide a sense of ownership in the newly regenerated area.

Maria ran a number of creative workshops which included presentations and discussions on the local history of the area, the history of brick making, architecture, and drawing sessions. During the workshops the young designers created artwork that reflected their experiences and diverse backgrounds.

The artwork was transferred onto glazed bricks and fired, making a permanent feature that can withstand weather impact. The bricks will be installed at specially dedicated locations on the buildings’ lower levels in a ceremony in March 2022.

The young designers’ artwork was also transferred onto ceramic mugs, creating personal memorabilia from the project.