Ornamental Wall

Ceramic Artist and Architect: Maria Gasparian Studio
Client: Private Client
Brick manufacturer: Maria Gasparian Studio, Wienerberger Ltd, HG Matthews
Location: North London

This project is a context-responsive intervention in a residential street in North London.

The ornamental wall was designed and made in the context of the Arts and Crafts tradition, relating to the Edwardian period houses surrounding it. The craft tools of the 21st century, digital CAD and CAM technologies, were used to create sculptural glazed brick elements crowning the wall and textured undulating bands on the facade. Abstract motifs taken from the houses were embossed into the solid bricks.

Articulated glazed crowning, the warm colour of the textured bricks and intricate detailing on bullnose corners make the wall both stand out and integrate naturally into the street.