A collection of ornamental bricks, tiles and paviours, Crossroads was inspired by my background coming from a country situated on the Silk Road, on the crossroads between East and West. Patterns and geometrical motifs were transported by craftspeople and architects who travelled across the Middle East, Far East and Europe. It was through this inter-cultural exchange that Islamic and Arabian motifs were combined with Christian themes. The geometry of the modules in the collection allows for their integration into various designs and a diverse range of patterns. Walls, pavements, landscaping features and street furniture elements can be created through the arrangement of contrasting colours and glazed and unglazed textured surfaces.

Ceramic City Bench

The bench, arranged in varies heights, offers flexible seating arrangement to rest, have lunch and work. It aims to attract different ages. The modular design of the bench allows it to be extended and arranged in various ways to fit different sites.

Ornamental Wall

This ornamental wall was designed and made in the context of the Arts and Crafts tradition, relating to the Edwardian period houses surrounding it. Abstract motifs taken from the houses were embossed into the solid bricks.

Cabot Circus, Maria Gasparian

Cabot Circus

Cabot Circus was conceived as a major urban regeneration project that included the creation of a public space, open air shopping centre, affordable housing and a multi-storey car park.

Colour Ceramic City

Colour Ceramic City

The work explores the relationship between the materiality of objects, the space within materials and possible impacts on the space surrounding objects in architectural locations.



Sculptural Bench

Bench for Belmont school

The brief for the bench was developed involving pupils of the school who gave their “wish list” for the sculpture. Words such as “school, fun, sociable, welcoming” were noted. The requirements from the school were: long-lasting, maintenance free and robust.