Ceramic City Bench

This public bench was created for the London Festival of Architecture and was located in the City of London. The colours and motifs of the seats offer a playful pattern reflecting the history of the site, contrasting with its monochromatic urban surroundings.

Randall Tesserae

Inspired by the local heritage of Victorian colourful vitreous mosaics (tesserae), this graphic artwork is wrapped around the construction site of a new social housing development in Battersea, London.


This collection of bespoke brick planters provides green solutions for both the indoors and outdoors. The various designs and sizes can be incorporated into garden walls or be free-standing to bring cheer and colour to the outdoor space and are particularly suited to urban gardens.

Trophy for BDA Brick Awards

Designed and made by Maria Gasparian for the last three years running, the trophy for annual Brick Awards, which celebrate the best brick architecture, embodies the creative possibilities of brick as a material.

Cross-roads West

Cross-roads West is a collection of ornamental modules is inspired by Medieval inlaid tiles. Colourful ornamental motifs are embedded into the surface through a combination of digital and industrial processes, creating feature walls and focal points in paving.

Cross-roads East

Cross-roads East is a collection of ornamental bricks, tiles and paviours inspired by the geometrical motifs transported by the craftspeople and architects who travelled from East to West on the Silk Road.

Ornamental Wall

This ornamental wall was designed and made in the context of the Arts and Crafts tradition, relating to the Edwardian period houses surrounding it. Abstract motifs taken from the houses were embossed into the solid bricks.

Aylesbury Estate Brick Design Project

Construction firm Hill and the Notting Hill Genesis housing association commissioned Maria Gasparian Studio to create brick artwork with local children to be integrated into the walls of their new homes under construction at the Aylesbury Estate, Walworth, Southwark.

Colour Ceramic City

Colour Ceramic City

The work explores the relationship between the materiality of objects, the space within materials and possible impacts on the space surrounding objects in architectural locations.



Sculptural Bench

Bench for Belmont school

The brief for the bench was developed involving pupils of the school who gave their “wish list” for the sculpture. Words such as “school, fun, sociable, welcoming” were noted. The requirements from the school were: long-lasting, maintenance free and robust.